Phil_Britt 2/19/2018 | 11:51:17 AM
Re: Wonder how long its for Some non-compete clauses can be ridiculously restricting. Of course, the person signing it should read it (or have a lawyer read it) so he or she knows what they are getting into. Unfortunately, if the company with the contract wants to be unrelenting, there's not much the person (or the other lawyers) can do.
Duh! 2/16/2018 | 10:36:27 AM
Re: loopy lawsuit Lawyers will be lawyers. It's what they do. How much of a real threat this is to IBM's business is quite beside the point.

HR execs are ordinarily generous in sharing best practices. Check out any of their trade rags or conference programs.
jerehada 2/16/2018 | 9:31:05 AM
Wonder how long its for But the question is about a non compete clause not her role in diveristy. Should diversity leaders be afforded different rights to spread the good work? Don't think so.
Heleeess 2/16/2018 | 7:13:39 AM
Interesting Well, it may be an interesting collaboration. I am looking forward for effects!
Sarah Thomas 2/15/2018 | 2:05:08 PM
loopy lawsuit This lawsuit seems so strange to me. It's not uncommon to sue over non-compete clauses related to employment, but they're actually alleging she'll reveal their diversity initiatives. How can they claim an authentic commitment to diversity if they aren't even willing to share how they accomplish it? Doesn't reflect well on them. 
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