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melao2 2/15/2018 | 5:47:22 PM
Re: Protectionism at its finest @kq4ym, you sir deserve a prize.

@rocket You cite things like industrial espionage, and association with the chinese goverment.

Well shady business practices are not uncommon for north american enterprises.


This is not justifying any shady business practices by the chinese, but your allegations are mere allegations without formal evidence. As opposed to the example above from Cisco. Which i could link more. Like from Nortel, a company that I was a proud employee once:


Beyond that, I do not think that north americans are the enemy, nor the chinese. Things are not black and white as you would imagine.


Byt the way, it is really hard to get arrested in Brazil for this type of crime. Congrats to cisco.
kq4ym 2/12/2018 | 8:53:53 AM
Re: Protectionism at its finest It's always interesting to watch the arguments for both sides as arguments for and against protectionism heat up. There's always the human nature's "tribal" side that gets us wanting to protect our own, yet bend rules to earn money in enterprises that might not be so protected.
DanJones 2/1/2018 | 11:04:22 AM
Re: Protectionism at its finest Actually, Huawei is the 3rd largest handset vendor in the world.
jamessmith260996 1/31/2018 | 10:35:00 PM
Re: Protectionism at its finest like this !
brooks7 1/31/2018 | 8:31:48 PM
Re: Protectionism at its finest Post the ruling please.

As far as I know, there is no formal restriction on Huawei for anything in the US.  As far as I know, there is no such restriction.

I am going to ignore your insults.


rocket101 1/31/2018 | 7:54:10 PM
Re: Protectionism at its finest Do you understand English? Did I say anything about Huawei employees? Does it matter whether you have seen it or not? I have mo problem with Huawei employees. Traitors are the 3rd grade [the so called Tier 3/4] service providers who, if they are using Huawei equipments [who knows this is true or not]. 
brooks7 1/31/2018 | 6:50:33 PM
Re: Protectionism at its finest  

So where is this ruling.  I have never seen it.  Please post a link.  And you should probably tell Huawei's US employees that they are traitors as well.

rocket101 1/31/2018 | 6:04:12 PM
Re: Protectionism at its finest The company Huawei is barred by the U.S. government from selling network equipment to carriers. Typical Chinese way to get by laws if they are selling t some 3rd grade ISP. Traitors need to be flushed out.
brooks7 1/31/2018 | 4:11:55 PM
Re: Protectionism at its finest  

Why would I do your job for you?

I don't like Huawei, but if you think they are not selling equipment in the US then you are wrong.

rocket101 1/31/2018 | 2:42:40 PM
Re: Protectionism at its finest >>>And by the way I know many Tier 3 operators who buy lots of Huawei equipment.


Name the Tier 3 Operators In USA who buy lots of Huawei equipment. Just name and shame them, I would be happy to pass on this info to Trump administration. 

Did you read the news coming out of E//??


Ericsson AB's turnaround effort further took its toll Wednesday, as the Swedish telecommunications-equipment giant said it cut 10,000 jobs in the fourth quarter and said two top executives would leave.

The company, battling fierce competition and weak spending, announced the job cuts -- made up of staff and contractors -- as it reported its fifth straight quarterly loss. Its shares were down 7% in midday trading in Europe.

Long a leading maker of equipment for cellular towers and related infrastructure, Ericsson has struggled in recent years amid increased competition, especially from Chinese rivals, and an industrywide spending lull.

The trouble at E// is partly due to Huawei and ZTE. 

Would anyone want USA to be in the same situation like the E// and Nokia's?
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