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brooks7 1/30/2018 | 7:15:38 PM
Re: Protectionism at its finest No rocklet I am a moron who has been working in telecom for 30 years.  Note both stories are about handset sales.  And by the way I know many Tier 3 operators who buy lots of Huawei equipment.


rocket101 1/30/2018 | 6:56:22 PM
Re: Protectionism at its finest Huawei is NOT only a mobile phone vendor, it is a Network equipment supplier too. Brooks, are  you not aware of this? I am not concerned about Huawei's phone, but they could be dangerous as a Network Equipment supplier if US Govt allows them in. 
brooks7 1/30/2018 | 5:47:29 PM
Re: Protectionism at its finest Protectionism would protect US companies.  Well, Apple has its well established base and Huawei is not replacing that.   Hunh...LG and Samsung?  Not exactly US companies.  Maybe you better rethink this protectionism argument.


JDonahue 1/30/2018 | 5:27:23 PM
Nortel was Targeted by China The Chinese hacked Nortel for years.  They had listening devices planted at Nortel's HQ in Canada.

The Chinese are dishonest.  That's their version of protectionism.


"Gary Shapiro, president of the Consumer Electronics Association, travels to China regularly and has a six-year-old son who speaks fluent Mandarin. Shapiro says China has a different moral system to the US.

"I speak to my companies in China and they know stuff is going out the back door and being copied," he says.

"It's the biggest problem anyone who does business with China has.

"You can't do business there without a local partner, and eventually they'll figure out what you do and take it from you.""
rocket101 1/30/2018 | 3:42:00 PM
Re: Protectionism at its finest Competition has to be fair, right? These Chinese vendors are owned by the state, avail of all the subsidies, its a well know fact although they deny. 


>>Motorola handset division now belongs to Lenovo. So I suppose they should be banned as >>well

If I had the power, I would not have approved the sale to Lenovo. 
melao2 1/30/2018 | 3:11:07 PM
Re: Protectionism at its finest So protecionism is the solution when supposedly the existing vendors cannot compete with its chinese peers? Is that it ?

By the way, Motorola handset division now belongs to Lenovo. So I suppose they should be banned as well.
rocket101 1/30/2018 | 3:03:34 PM
Re: Protectionism at its finest Without Protectionism, Beijing would land in USA, Huawei and ZTE would take over as vendors for the US service providers, there would be massive layoffs in all the tech companies as Huawei would send 100,000 folks from China to USA, offer free support to drive out the competition.  This is what happened at Vodafone, NSN was the incumbent vendor, gor replaced by Huawei. Lightreading would publish in Chinese language instead of English, who know the authors of lighreadig could get replaced lol.

Would any of us want this to happen???






melao2 1/30/2018 | 2:23:57 PM
Protectionism at its finest As usual.
rocket101 1/30/2018 | 2:07:24 PM
Re: What now? >>What now for Huawei in the US?

Who cares and why should we care in USA? Stop trunmpeting Chinese vendors. Go and check what happened to NSN employees in Germany. Huawei and ZTE needs to be comletely shut off in USA, completely. 
DanJones 1/30/2018 | 10:57:05 AM
What now? What now for Huawei in the US?
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