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Joe Stanganelli 1/29/2018 | 11:45:51 PM
Re: A Trial Balloon? @Dan: Lol indeed. As another Republican president so memorably put it, "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'"
macemoneta 1/29/2018 | 9:38:45 PM
I know this is cynical of me but... When I heard this, all I could think is that it's a shakedown for additional lobbying cash from the telecom industry. "That's a mighty nice industry you've got there. It'd be a shame if something were to happen to it..."
brooks7 1/29/2018 | 8:11:47 PM
Re: Leaked with intent  


The thinking goes that we have a huge fiber buildout to do if we want 1Gbps mobile service to be ubiquitous.  And with the current situation, we would actually need 4 such builds - one for each major mobile carrier.

I like the notion of a single fiber backhaul build.  We could use fiber multiplexing to add capacity.  The challenge that I still see is that would mean a single model of deployment.  At that point, there is no differentiation and thus no competitive advantage.  This means to be most efficient we would go with just 1 wireless carrier and nationalize that.

This bring us to the problem of what happens when we get to 6G.  Right now, we try to use commercial organizations to decide when a technology is ready to deploy.  The world's experience with central technology decision making has an awful track record (see the Soviet Union).

So, that sends me round and round in tradeoffs.  I don't think a national network is the best idea, but what we have today has a lot more challenges than past builds...if we are essentially blanketing the US with 4x small cell networks.


R Clark 1/29/2018 | 7:34:45 PM
Leaked with intent Can't say I follow the logic of this idea at all. But it's just a thought bubble from a security official and presumably was leaked to have it shot down.
rgrutza600 1/29/2018 | 7:08:00 PM
SAD reporting Sounds like a liberal reporter got their panties in a bunch over nothing.  Has there been a policy proposal put forth?  No.  Or are you now writing stories about the RUMORED THOUGHTS OF PEOPLE?  This article is tabloid level junk, or NY Times level bias.
rocket101 1/29/2018 | 5:17:16 PM
Re: A Trial Balloon? >>You want 5G in 2035?


No, we do not. But we do not want half-baked 5G in 2019 either.
DanJones 1/29/2018 | 3:50:12 PM
Re: A Trial Balloon? Why would you want the gov building the network anyway? You want 5G in 2035? Hehehe.
Duh! 1/29/2018 | 3:41:58 PM
Re: A Trial Balloon? My first guess was that this is the work of somebody outside government trying to float a hare-brained scheme that they could turn into a lucrative contract.

I'm now inclined to think it is a hoax. All of the FCC commissioners weighed in this morning to pan it. Most unity they've shown in years.
Phil_Britt 1/29/2018 | 2:10:28 PM
A Trial Balloon? My first reaction when I first heard the report was much like your headline indicates. But the more I think about it, the more it might have been linked to judge public and corporate reaction. Could well be walked back quickly.
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