Michelle 1/31/2018 | 8:49:39 PM
Re: Beat the bad guys I saw that! I wondered how long it might be before our Windows-based ATMs are taken over. I guess I have an answer...it's now!
[email protected] 1/31/2018 | 2:56:14 PM
Re: Beat the bad guys We can only hope there seem to be so many ways to breach information and even onsite breaches are on the uptick. Have you seen the latest ATM nightmare who would have thought some could breach an ATM and get it to become a slot machine?
Michelle 1/30/2018 | 10:01:39 PM
Re: Beat the bad guys I hope they get it just right. I want to see a major decline in attacks as the system improves. I want to see feel good stories about how the technology stopped really gnarly attacks.
[email protected] 1/30/2018 | 9:53:52 PM
Re: Beat the bad guys I agree there are many great ideas that fail when executed poorly. This, however, seems like a win for everyone by expediting the time to address security issues drastically. If the execution works it will certainly impact the security landscape now and in the future and keep the hackers on their toes!
Michelle 1/30/2018 | 1:37:30 PM
Re: Beat the bad guys Excellent point. This is clearly a longtail project. There will always be bad guys trying to steel data.
kq4ym 1/30/2018 | 9:50:16 AM
Re: Beat the bad guys To keep competitive Google is surely going to be going full speed ahead in security issues for the cloud business. But, it's interesting that "Chronicle's goal, "which is still several years away, is predicting and deflecting cyber attacks," as one wonders what security problems will continue in those "several years" awaiting full implementation.
Visaonlinevietnam 1/30/2018 | 2:22:35 AM
Re: Beat the bad guys That sound good
Michelle 1/27/2018 | 4:59:20 PM
Beat the bad guys This sounds good (even if it's not original). I would like to see how well this works over time. Security alerts will probably continue to be an issue. I like to think we'll find a good solution.