microcaptechinvestor 1/29/2018 | 12:52:36 PM
Re: Asleep at the wheel Thanks for the feedback. Good stuff.
Sterling Perrin 1/29/2018 | 9:06:20 AM
Re: Asleep at the wheel An interesting company. But it is an apples and oranges comparison with Sedona. Radcom is NFV and Sedona is SDN, controlling physical elements in the network. I see this as a different problem that Sedona has tackled and one that (as far as I have seen) has not been addressed by other vendors. 


[email protected] 1/29/2018 | 3:19:13 AM
Re: Asleep at the wheel Glad you added the disclosure.


Article on Radcom is coming shortly - it is indeed a very interesting company with a highly disruptive approach to the industry.
microcaptechinvestor 1/26/2018 | 6:03:05 PM
Asleep at the wheel RADCOM now has claimed AT&T and Verizon as NFV customers (and is live in both networks!!), stealing both from incumbent Netscout. RADCOM has $250M market cap, VZ, AT&T, Globe Telecom as anchor customers and likely will sign Bell Canada and Telefonica soon. Bell announced major milestone in its Network 3.0 using Amdocs ONAP integration activities. RDCM sold to AT&T via AMDOCS in 2016, a 3 year $50M deal which has been expanded at least 4 times.

RDCM deeply embedded in ONAP and showcased successful OSM PoC with Telefonica at MWC last year.

Where are all the smart analysts??!


Disclosure: Long RDCM shares.
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