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1/18/2019 | 12:07:14 AM
HR Solutions India
Blockchain could oversee other HR Solutions India  in a substantially more extensive scene. Blockchain exchanges could store all the business history of the hopefuls with the goal that the enrollment specialist doesn't have to experience the whole resume part and discover work history of the candidate. 
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1/27/2018 | 12:40:41 AM
pos software
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Gabriel Brown
Gabriel Brown,
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1/22/2018 | 7:18:03 AM
Re: 5G Upturn
Capex at around 13-14% of revenue is a good rule of thumb. I don't see why that should change substantially -- although, of course, the years it bursts higher, or dips lower, can be very important to vendors.

Your question on do vendors have the right product is a good one. Also, do operators have alternatives to incumbent vendors? The R&D load is so heavy it's hard to bring in smaller suppliers for large scale deployments.
[email protected],
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1/22/2018 | 7:07:56 AM
Re: 5G Upturn
The questions that will be causing the sleepless nights at the incumbent vendors more, I think, are:


What will the operators spend their money on exactly?

Do they (the incumbent vendors) have what the operators need?

How much will the operators spend in aggregate each year and will that be more or less than they are spending now? (IT will be less.....)

Do the vendors need to revamp their business models now, before they get cut out of most of the procurement process?


Vendors may still be selling boxes now but in a few years' time surely they will be selling software and re-selling IT hardware mostly?

Either way, the financials for the likes of Nokia and Ericsson will change drastically I imagine -- it's just a question of whether they get to capitalize on their knowledge, market power and, importantly, relationships to remain key suppliers/partners and continue to generate profitable business as a result. 

Gabriel Brown
Gabriel Brown,
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1/19/2018 | 12:27:08 PM
5G Upturn
Feeling OK Iain?

Green shoots sounds about right. For vendors, a lot of 2018 will be trying to establish footprint for bigger invetsment later in the cycle.

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