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User Rank: Light Beer
1/21/2018 | 10:26:24 AM
Re: Anyone for a media group? Anyone at all?
They appointed different banks for the sale of each unit suggesting they expected seperate buyers....
User Rank: Light Beer
1/21/2018 | 10:24:05 AM
Re: I like this sentence and opt for the latter :-)
Its been a value destuction disasater by the board. How to take 2 business units, valued at $500m each, leaders in their field and annouce you are consiering strategic options whilst having no strategic options for them. This killed the value in the market, led to cancelled contracts and lost new business and made them almost worthless regardless of their competitive product sets. So Mr Ekholm you've presided over $800m shareholders value destruction. Pretty poor effort.
User Rank: Light Sabre
1/16/2018 | 12:48:57 PM
Re: I like this sentence and opt for the latter :-)


Goodwill writedowns are pure financial engineering.  Here is what they are:  "We overpaid for an acquisition and are now telling you that we did."  these are often put in when you have a bad quarter to distract from other problems.  When I see Goodwill writedowns, it is time to go look for what else was wrong.  The numbers here might be big, but they are fake.  The money was already spent and the reduction in the balance sheet isn't real.


User Rank: Lightning
1/16/2018 | 8:22:04 AM
I like this sentence and opt for the latter :-)
"With its books and strategy in order, Ericsson can at least try to become a Viking conqueror of the nascent 5G market, and not another depressing episode of Scandi noir."

[email protected],
User Rank: Blogger
1/16/2018 | 8:01:13 AM
Anyone for a media group? Anyone at all?
Ericsson would obviously prefer to offload its video/TV/media business intact to a single buyer but the longer this goes on the less likely it seems that such a buyer exists... might it have to asset strip its own division to offload the assets and claw back some capital? 

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