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Austin Idol 1/11/2018 | 1:17:50 PM
Re: Sprint and T-Mobile Cart before horse. In due time little grasshopper....in due time......
DanJones 1/11/2018 | 1:01:45 PM
Re: Sprint and T-Mobile Agreed, but AT&T still needs more mmWave after Fibertower, see:




Austin Idol 1/11/2018 | 12:53:25 PM
Re: Sprint and T-Mobile I think it is pretty safe to assume that Verizon will land STRP's trove of 39 ghz and ATT will land Fibertower's trove of 24 and 39 ghz. Trump to Pai to FCC paving the way for ATT and Verizon to really push a true 5G and provide some serious octane for the economy.
DanJones 1/11/2018 | 12:12:40 PM
Re: Sprint and T-Mobile At the moment, at least, only Verizon has the access to 28GHz licenses to do any significant high-band 5G deployment.
Austin Idol 1/11/2018 | 9:57:58 AM
Sprint and T-Mobile Sprint and T-Mobile don't have the cash flow, customer base, or resources to go 5G so you will get some type of 4.3...4.4G hodge podge from them. ATT and Verizon have the resources(Cash, Infrastructure, and Customer Base) to deliver that 5G experience being touted. While the world is going the capacity route Sprint, Tmobile, and Dish are out there grabbing coverage/access spectrum. The world is moving to throughput and Sprint/Tmobile are years and tens of $$$ billions behind. Similar to going HSPA+ / Wimax that enabled Verizon who went full bore on LTE to get way out in front of everyone. AT&T isn't going to make that mistake again but Sprint and Tmobile just don't have the fire power.
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