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DanJones 1/17/2018 | 1:26:23 PM
Re: Sprint and T-Mobile Well, if you're right, that's going to raise some interesting questions about the competitive enivornment in the US.
Austin Idol 1/16/2018 | 12:41:17 PM
Re: 5G Rollouts Will be Incredibly Expensive Happy Clappy? We have come a long way and are going super sonic with 5G:



DanJones 1/16/2018 | 11:37:49 AM
Re: 5G Rollouts Will be Incredibly Expensive There's so may articles about how wonderful 5G is going to be, there's really no need for to be all happy-clappy about it.
Austin Idol 1/15/2018 | 9:05:44 AM
Re: 5G Rollouts Will be Incredibly Expensive Danny Doubter makes his appearance. Always poking holes and throwing cheap grenades from the bleacher seats. MM Wave will be placed first where it can get a good ROI and then you will have LTE enhanced in your more rural areas. That is the model  they will pursue. AT&T and Verizon are  poised to completely obliterate T-Mobile and Sprint better find a wealthy dance partner soon(Comcast / Charter). Sprint is far more  attractive than T-Mobile with it's spectrum assets and Son has far greater vision than DT's Tmobile which is simply on the selling block and looking for a buyer. Me thinks when one gets under the hood of Tmobile they aren't liking what they see.
DanJones 1/12/2018 | 2:32:42 PM
Re: 5G Rollouts Will be Incredibly Expensive Well mmWave will have the speed but not the range or propagation. Low band gives you the range but not the speed. How do you square that circle?
JDonahue 1/12/2018 | 11:50:35 AM
Re: 5G Rollouts Will be Incredibly Expensive 600mhz and up may be part of the standard, to appease a carrier like T-Mobile but it'll never have the capacity that mmWave does.

5G marketing and reality - two completely different animals.
DanJones 1/12/2018 | 11:36:08 AM
Re: Sprint and T-Mobile Enhanced Mobile Broadband is being listed as an initial business case for 5G by Sprint. IoT coming further out.
DanJones 1/12/2018 | 11:34:06 AM
Re: 5G Rollouts Will be Incredibly Expensive 600MHz and 700MHz are low-bands for 5G, yep. Lot of bands to support in 5G already.
timothyfahey 1/11/2018 | 3:40:32 PM
Re: Sprint and T-Mobile What is the business case for 5G? who benefits? 
JDonahue 1/11/2018 | 2:50:08 PM
5G Rollouts Will be Incredibly Expensive Which is why Verizon has said they will only rollout 5G in areas they have already rolled out 5G Fixed wireless.  Those 1,700 strand fiber cables will support fixed 5G and business services in metro areas creating a $$ case for 5G wireless.  I think they've said what 2020 for 5G wireless? Maybe it was 2022.

Sprint is no where near financially stable enough for a 5G rollout.  TMobile may call 600mhz 5G but will 600mhz be oart of a 5G standard?
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