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jaimewiersma 4/14/2018 | 2:15:12 AM
Try not to accuse specialist organizations Try not to accuse specialist organizations if clients practice their privilege to carelessly "overhaul" to the following huge thing to feel better about themselves. It's a procedure that has worked ponders for Apple. Assignment Writing Help
sanhitagrawal 3/30/2018 | 4:36:47 AM
Assignment help How many times will we have to see, listen about 5G before it finally arrives. Probably only China and US or maybe Korea as well will be able to launch 5G network later this year (2018). Make best use of 4G network available and take use of our services..i.e assignment writting
rocket101 1/16/2018 | 4:15:09 PM
Just cancel the MWC 2018 Just cancel the MWC 2018. How many times do people need to see the 5G trailer? Show us when the finished product [end-to-end] is ready. 
Joe Stanganelli 1/11/2018 | 10:34:13 AM
Re: Wrong and twice wrong! @mendyk: Yeah, but protesters usually don't have good swag. ;)
Joe Stanganelli 1/11/2018 | 10:33:17 AM
Re: Wrong and twice wrong! @Gabriel: Indeed, this is what I am already seeing...despite the fact that additional protocols are still a year or two away. And yet there seems to be analyst disparity here about what the new 5G NR standards mean for the market in terms of certainty.

The upshot of all of this is that by the time we actually have real, honest-to-God 5G, we won't be talking about it so much anymore--and instead will be focused on the next big thing.
Joe Stanganelli 1/11/2018 | 10:30:26 AM
Boring may work.
"The first is that is that it tells exactly the same more-bandwidth-for-your-buck story as 3G and 4G did previously -- only with less purpose. Customers shouldn't care about megabits per second as long as they can use the mobile Internet without interruption or delay..."

They shouldn't, but they do.

The Hollywood analogy seems apt to me, but for the opposite reason. There is an old saying that comes out of Hollywood: "Don't come up with a new idea. Come up with a good idea."

Spiderman remakes make money. So do the "tried-and-true" xG marketing narratives.
Gabriel Brown 1/11/2018 | 4:33:26 AM
Re: Wrong and twice wrong! New 3GPP capabilties post Release 15 will be considered "5G", even if they're based on LTE originally. For example, NB-IoT will probably be pitched as part of 5G by the 3GPP in its submission to ITU-R. Things like low-latency LTE may also be considered as 5G

This is, at first glance, an odd choice and a bit strange (not boring!). But in deployment you're looking an integrated 4G/5G architecture, so it kind of makes sense.
Gabriel Brown 1/11/2018 | 4:26:07 AM
Re: Wrong and twice wrong! Yes, mmWave is interesting in many ways.

But NR technology, and its commercial applications, in mid- and low-band is also interesting. For instance, to support ultra-reliable low-latency communications (URLLC) or connection-less operation for massive IoT 

Not boring!
Duh! 1/10/2018 | 2:58:23 PM
Re: Wrong and twice wrong! The fascinating and commercially interesting stuff is mm-wave band radios. I hope that we will learn more details about field trial results from the operators and vendors.
DanJones 1/10/2018 | 2:27:09 PM
Re: Wrong and twice wrong! Well, LTE networks are still going to be run for consumer services for decades. 5G IoT isn't here yet, hasn't been fully defined, let alone commercialized. So I'd say LTE has a role for the foreseeable future.
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