kq4ym 1/14/2018 | 5:54:12 PM
Re: US Politics makes more tech enemies? One might wonder how much of reports may slip in some bias in fact to move products and services in a way to enhance certain markets. Noting that market incentives are "misaligned" might be a way get more funds spent on security issues especially in light of Homeland Seciruty issures and priorities that may or may not be more political than practicality some times.
mhhfive 1/10/2018 | 2:49:15 AM
US Politics makes more tech enemies? This also comes as Huawei's CEO rants at the US for banning its products simply because they're made by a Chinese company. Some security paranoia is completely unfounded....

mhhfive 1/10/2018 | 2:45:27 AM
Re: Time waster TL:DR -- did this report mention banning Kaspersky products from government IT resources? I wonder if the misalignment of incentives for politics is also identified as a problem? 
inkstainedwretch 1/9/2018 | 2:25:40 PM
Time waster I'd have read that source document more thoroughly, but the authors made it clear from the beginning that they're going to reject doing anything that holds anyone even a little bit accountable at all for any lack of security. Instead, they suggest we need to innovate our way to security. Let's spritz that tiny carrot with some water so that it glistens real nice and, please, we don't do sticks.

-- Brian Santo
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