kq4ym 1/23/2018 | 8:35:36 AM
Re: Sigfox cleans up non performing staff If in fact the changes are due to letting go of non-performing folks, one might wonder who was responsible for hiring the crew with such skills or lack thereof that weren't fully visible at the time of hiring. It's probably human nature to blame others when things go wrong. Maybe it's just part of the luck that drive business one way or the other?
Gallis 1/9/2018 | 7:15:56 PM
Sigfox cleans up non performing staff Hi Iain, what's wrong with you and Sigfox? this article should be titled: Sigfox cleans up non performing staff.

I believe this is a good thing. When you are a fast moving tech company, you need high performing individuals, doers to deliver on time all the time. This is a rare breed and you have always casualties for the ones that don't fit. This is the law of survival.

My guess is that it will be way more interesting to focus on the news of the day: 

The Chengdu High-Tech Industrial Development Zone has committed to an investment of almost €300M to deploy the Seniradom Sigfox solution in China's 20 biggest cities, following a one-year, 1500-person trial, beginning in 2018. (https://www.sigfox.com/en/news/senioradom-sigfox-sign-new-partnership-be-developed-chengdu-china). This is a game changer news where French president Emmanuel Macron, China General Secretary Xi Jinping and CEO of Sigfox Ludovic LeMoan signed the agreement yesterday.
sarcher60555 1/8/2018 | 1:19:34 PM
SigFox down, LPWA Next? Vodafone's crystal ball getting clearer?

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