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kq4ym 1/16/2018 | 12:03:31 PM
Re: No value in packages Whether AI will in fact make Cable smarter and how soon is an interesting question. Direct Tv is certainly hitting cable hard in their advertisements pointing out customer dissatisfacton with cable big time. But perhaps getting "Autonomous customer care to give customers tools to self-manage services, such as WiFi, and self-provision new applications," may indeed lead the way for customer sastisfaction to regain a foothold here?
Joe Stanganelli 12/30/2017 | 5:28:34 PM
Re: AI won't help Comcast with viewer preference @light: The funny thing here is that the antitrust concerns re: Comcast+NBC and similar situations actually stand to hurt both the industry at large and consumers in this way by potentially tying cable providers' hands in terms of how they can provide/create content.

With the 2015 Internet Order going by the wayside, expect an upsurge in zero-rating services -- and the new, original content to go with those services.
Joe Stanganelli 12/30/2017 | 5:26:31 PM
Re: AI won't help Comcast with viewer preference Comcast offers the same suggestions, though.

More to the point, do the suggestions that Comcast, Netflix, etc. offer actually have any foundation in reality anymore? I remember when Netflix's prediction model was uncanny. Now, Netflix instead shows me the shows and movies it wants me to watch rather than ones it actually thinks I'll like.
Joe Stanganelli 12/30/2017 | 5:25:24 PM
Re: AI won't help Comcast with viewer preference The real difference is in what those contracts look like. Netflix offers more money upfront and little to nothing on the backend -- going completely against the traditional model.
lightreceding 12/30/2017 | 3:03:06 PM
Re: AI won't help Comcast with viewer preference Comcast didn't change the model for the consumer by buying NBC, they just got in on NBC's part of the revenue stream. I could get NBC content by buying a bundle before and after the acquisition. With NetFlix I get new original content without buying a channel bundle. They bypass the likes of NBC and go straight to independent producers. The point of the article was about using AI to aid in offering targeted content. NetFlix understands this. They make suggestions based on what I have watched. I have AT&T Uverse. They don't do any such thing and even if they did at this point it likely would involve them suggesting a premium channel, which I don't want. While they do have some on-demand content I find it limited and expensive and I've never bought any. So in my experience the cable companies are so far behind that I don't see them catching up.
brooks7 12/30/2017 | 1:25:39 PM
Re: AI won't help Comcast with viewer preference What do you think NBC does?

lightreceding 12/29/2017 | 7:57:14 PM
Re: AI won't help Comcast with viewer preference No, I mean how NetFlix goes directly to the producers of new content and buys the content and syndicates a TV series as their own. They buy content that might otherwise have been sold to the likes of NBC. Comcast and AT&T are just buying up old companies like when TimeWarner bought AOL. Their model is backwards looking.
brooks7 12/29/2017 | 7:06:00 PM
Re: AI won't help Comcast with viewer preference You mean the way Cmomcast owns NBC-Universal and the way that AT&T tried to buy Time-Warner?


lightreceding 12/29/2017 | 2:03:05 PM
Re: AI won't help Comcast with viewer preference Furthermore if the cable companies had any brains they would have done what NetFlix did and got the rights to original content and undermined monoploy practices of their content providers.
lightreceding 12/29/2017 | 1:50:23 PM
AI won't help Comcast with viewer preference Comcast and other cable providers are forced to buy packages of content from their content suppliers and this drives there bundling practices that everyone hates. AI won't help them with this problem since their business model is based on spreading the cost across content that you want by forcing you to buy content that you don't want.

NetFlix and Amazon already to a good job of using AI to tell us what else other people watched and in suggesting what else we might want to watch. I'd rather watch last season of a TV series on NetFlix at $10 a month than this season on cable for $100 a month. At least I won't be forced to buy a bundle of channels and to set my DVD and to have to deal with ads.
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