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Susan Fourtané 12/26/2017 | 1:21:59 AM
Back to the cloud future As the year comes to an end, this cloud market update report is particularly interesting. As I was reading, I remembered when back in 2015 analysts’ forecasts talked about how cloud services were going to dominate the future. In that war of the clouds four companies were mentioned for their incredible growth. And in this order they were predicted the leaders to dominate the future of cloud: Amazon, Microsoft Alphabet Google, and Salesforce. That future is today. And we can clearly see the predictions in 2015 were right. IBM and Oracle clouds were young back then.
Phil_Britt 12/26/2017 | 5:22:27 PM
Re: Back to the cloud future The cloud companies that dominate, as previously predicted, will need to continue to adapt and grow to hold on to their market positions.
danielcawrey 12/27/2017 | 1:24:23 PM
Re: Back to the cloud future IBM should just focus on the private cloud market. Honestly, I did not realize they were doing $4b a year in cloud business. That's good, but probably needs to be better for such a large company. Keeping focus on private cloud is key if you ask me. 
Phil_Britt 12/27/2017 | 1:27:25 PM
Re: Back to the cloud future A niche focus can work for some, especially if they are scale-challenged compared to competitiors.
Susan Fourtané 12/27/2017 | 6:05:59 PM
Re: Back to the cloud future No doubt about it. Now it comes a time for consolidation. It will be interesting to see how IBM and Oracle evolve in this coming year and how such evolution is going to affect the cloud market leaders.
[email protected] 12/29/2017 | 5:45:20 PM
Re: Back to the cloud future I do agree that cloud consolidation will come but probably not right now.  We still have a lot of growing and evolving to do in the market before we see a consolidation.
Joe Stanganelli 12/29/2017 | 11:30:28 PM
Re: Back to the cloud future @Susan: Oracle seems like it's been huffing and puffing to catch up for quite some time now in the cloud market -- and that no matter what exciting offering they come up with next, they have difficulty outdoing their top cloud competitors.

Of course, this line of thought leads to Monday-morning quarterbacking of Larry Ellison's infamous criticisms about cloud evangelism way back when -- but, to be fair, he was speaking more about the idea of slapping a "CLOUD" label on everything.
Joe Stanganelli 12/29/2017 | 11:32:01 PM
Re: Back to the cloud future @maryam: Yeah, we're moving toward cloud decentralization through multicloud convergence right now. And what consolidation is coming is in the form of private clouds on-prem. A cloud "crash" could be coming absent some real innovations.
[email protected] 12/31/2017 | 4:48:45 PM
Re: Back to the cloud future True but the innovation may come in how the cloud is packaged and sold. Time will tell.
Michelle 12/31/2017 | 10:09:10 PM
Re: Back to the cloud future I don't remember reading about Ellison's critism of "clouding all the things". I have a feeling the sentiment holds up after all this time. 

Oracle does seem to be running behind competitors. They have a lot of ground to make up. It all seems impossible to me from the cheap seats.
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