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Ariella 12/31/2017 | 5:11:51 PM
Re: Change with purpose @Joe yes, that would be the pattern for such books.  Think of all the books on the conspiracy behind JFK's assassination.
Joe Stanganelli 12/31/2017 | 11:57:20 AM
Re: Change with purpose @Ariella: Then there's your book. Book #1 = Specualtive Theory A. Book #2 written by someone else disputes Book #1 and offers Speculative Theory B. And so on from there.

That's how it works in other areas of politics and business. No reason why it wouldn't work here.
Ariella 12/30/2017 | 7:46:43 PM
Re: Change with purpose @Joe Yes, that's true. Of course, people are free to speculate and offer their views as facts, but we're not likely to ever get the full picture.
Joe Stanganelli 12/30/2017 | 5:21:57 PM
Re: Change with purpose @Ariella: A book sure would be interesting, but generally those kinds of high-level terminations/etc. tend to come with NDAs.
Joe Stanganelli 12/30/2017 | 5:21:19 PM
Re: Change with purpose @TheTXBigDog: It's important to note, of course, the reasons why people hate working at Amazon vs. Google. According to stereotypes/reputation: People hate working at Amazon because of the particularity that goes with working there with a possible occasional slave-driving factor -- whereas people hate working at GOOG because of the groupthink and doublespeak that runs rife throughout the Kool-Aid-drinking culture.

Either way, both represent working cultures, apparently, where diversity of opinions is not necessarily valued.

So I understand. I could be completely wrong.
Joe Stanganelli 12/30/2017 | 5:19:00 PM
Re: Change with purpose @kq4ym: Same as in politics. Take credit for all of the good things that happen; blame the last person for all of the bad things that happen. Business and politics are more alike than one might care to think.
kq4ym 12/30/2017 | 4:22:14 PM
Re: Change with purpose It's always interesting to me to see how executives are so widely praised or blamed for corporate sales and profits. It would be interesting to see if in fact there's lots of other factors much more important, and changing of the guard may well be for lots of other reasons beside the bottom lines.
Ariella 12/28/2017 | 3:55:37 PM
Re: Change with purpose @Joe that's true. This is another instance in which we may see effects but not know all the forces at play behind the scenes. Someone may one day reveal some of those in a book, but even then, we'd just be getting their point of view on it.
[email protected] 12/26/2017 | 12:43:20 PM
Re: Change with purpose Joe yes the politics of these jobs are brutal and there is always a power play in motion. Knowing exactly what causes the leadership change is really known only to a few on most situations and legalities will always cloud the departures.
TheTXBigDog 12/26/2017 | 11:59:24 AM
Re: Change with purpose If anyone has ever watched Diane present, as an executive, it is just sad. Also, the VMware team she brought on board are nowhere near what Public Cloiud needs. Their view of the market is "build it they will come". Google is getting their asses kicked in every enterprise deal by AWS. Enterprise customers would like a dual Cloud solution but Google is not even in these deals. Just adding sales pressure when AWS has so much more to offer customers, isn't getting it done.

People hate working at AWS but now are starting to hate working at Google, in the field. Azure wins hands down as the best Cloud provider to work for.
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