kevintom 1/29/2018 | 12:47:32 AM
kerala tour and travel package as the time chances new technologies are booming .in the case of telephone big corparate are introducing high technologies like 5G .its more cheap but we  need to convert current tower which are used for low specturum usages are converted in to which are capable of transmitting hidh techology its a big challenge .i am a tourist guide from kerala .we are providing kerala tour and travel package
Steve Saunders 12/13/2017 | 12:31:06 PM
Re: I choked on my triple espresso Thanks for this Iain - Always a good read. 

No prediction for ONAP? Does it just keep roll-roll-rollling along gathering more millions of lines of code? 

In other words, how do you like your ONAP? 

1. on the rocks

2. over easy

3. straight up (no diggity)



mendyk 12/13/2017 | 11:05:09 AM
GDPR There's a good chance that GDPR will have a negative impact on some online markets. That's something Eurocrats are really good at doing.
[email protected] 12/13/2017 | 4:05:58 AM
I choked on my triple espresso I choked on my morning caffeine shot when I read Gartner's magic quadrant described as

"the necromancy of technology soothsaying"

An honorary degree in creative writing beckons, methinks...