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JamesCMaxwell 12/11/2017 | 6:34:08 PM
Broadband market is an oxymoron Broadband market is an oxymoron. In most localtities there is one dominant provider. Now this may because of the way cables have to be laid, hisotrical facts about who was dominat etc. But making the carrier s the aribitars of what apps use internet at what price is the quinteessential example of picking winners and losers. Except in this case virzona dn ATT will choose it.  
DanJones 12/11/2017 | 5:38:18 PM
Re: Pick Your Poison, when it comes to Tech I want Government out of the Way Well, governments have the ultimate lock on 5G whatever happens. They get to decide how and when to auction 5G spectrum.
brooks7 12/11/2017 | 12:10:15 PM
Re: Pick Your Poison, when it comes to Tech I want Government out of the Way @Austin,

Net Neutrality is certainly a potential problem.  It has been around since before 2015, but yes I expect that the Service Providers are tightly regulated.  I actually want them to be forced to deploy gigabit tecnhologies to every premise in the US.  The exact way the phone network was built starting in 1934.




Austin Idol 12/11/2017 | 11:15:30 AM
Pick Your Poison, when it comes to Tech I want Government out of the Way Most people don't even understand that Net Neutrality was brought to you in 2015 to fix a problem that did not exist. Simply the government wanted to have a key into the hen house and Netflix, Google, and Facebook want as much of the pipes as possible. Are you going to force Verizon, Comcast, and AT&T to invest billions into their networks while the government dictates their rates and rules? People worry about AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon but aren't worried about the Government Reach, Netflix, Google, Amazon, and Facebook? How quickly will 5G come about if the government is in the way?
Duh! 12/11/2017 | 11:05:08 AM
Alternate Explanation Ajit Pai is a free-market zealot. He is so convinced of the righteousness of his cause that neither fact nor reason nor law nor public opinion will get in his way.  

The only futures that are not foreordained is which public interest group will be lead plaintiff, and which of many procedural violations will send it back to the FCC.
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