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11/30/2017 | 8:27:13 AM
Re: Comfortable with Discomfort
While Rometty's career is indeed impressive and her advice on persistence and hard work is most likely valid, I'm a bit skeptical of advising that "You have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable," as a general addage for success in business. For many, if taken to the extreme, that may likely lead to a pretty stressful life, and diminish results if taking a bit more balanced psychology. Although some strees is motivating and usefull, too much or too little may be what to watch out for.
11/21/2017 | 1:30:27 PM
Re: Comfortable with Discomfort
@Kelsey that would be the "no pain, no gain" view of exercise, I suppose. Without believing in that, no one would ever do planks.
Joe Stanganelli
Joe Stanganelli
11/21/2017 | 1:24:19 PM
Watson & bias
"IBM uses Watson to be sure that there is no bias in its own workforce."

At the same time, many pundits/critics frequently note that AI often bears the bias of its creators. (Though this may not necessarily/always be the case when it comes to some self-learning AI, I tend to think -- although even this is debatable.) Was there further discussion on this point? What is the "interaction level" like with Watson to check and balance both human and AI biases?
Joe Stanganelli
Joe Stanganelli
11/21/2017 | 1:19:38 PM
Re: title
@Ariella: In the context of the quote it comes from (i.e., where she discusses "Growth and comfort"), it seems to be the latter -- specifically, more about the idea of getting used to constantly pushing yourself to unfamiliar territory.

Put another way, I suppose: If you're comfortable, you're doing something wrong. (Or, at least, not being your best self -- both as an organization and as an individual.)
Kelsey Ziser
Kelsey Ziser
11/20/2017 | 4:32:18 PM
Comfortable with Discomfort
I had to chuckle because "get comfortable with being uncomfortable" is also what Jillian Michaels says in her Yoga Meltdown DVD...not that I own that or anything ;) It's good advice, though, that applies to both fitness and in Rometty's case, to furthering your career.

IBM's "reconnections program" sounds interesting; it's good to hear they're making an effort to help women re-enter the workforce.
11/20/2017 | 3:45:11 PM
Is that like "expect the unexpected" or be aware of the "unknown unknowns" or is it just the general idea that businesses can't sit and be complacent?

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