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8/16/2019 | 1:24:43 AM
Re: app
It is really an amazing fact that Ex-Googlers launch light set up for such hybrid application performance management. To overcome these issues can check for a solution Dart vs Javascript that would be gainful for them.
Susan Fourtané
Susan Fourtané
11/28/2017 | 7:19:52 AM
Re: First steps
Yes, I had thoughts in the same lines. I imagine they considered all the possibilities and odds before making the decision. Google’s employees have lots of nice benefits on top of the nice salaries. So the results of this new initiative needs to be much better than all that. Plus, they become their own boss, which is always nice.
11/27/2017 | 8:07:02 AM
Re: First steps
While only a guess, the ex-google folks probably figure they could use their ideas and skills to reap the benefits which they would hope are greater than even the nice salaries and benefits of working as employees at Google. While it's certainly not a fool-proof plan, the gains they may reap despite the odds of success locked in the decision for them.
Susan Fourtané
Susan Fourtané
11/17/2017 | 9:29:46 PM
First steps
Born from a combination of Google and Autodesk’s experience I would bet that LightStep is set to have a bright future. I am curious to know why they left Google and Autodesk to create LightStep; Mitch, do you know?
11/14/2017 | 4:51:50 PM
Mainframe and JAVA alongside each other
Wow. I didn't think too many companies ran mainframe apps alongside JAVA apps. That's interesting. I wonder what kinds of companies span that development range. Financial services? I'd guess so because they were the ones still running mainframes last time I looked.
11/14/2017 | 11:04:13 AM
The other two should adopt the nicknames, Knife and Fork to create a complete basic silverware setting. Anywya, this could be quite interesting. We'll have to wait to see if it takes off. 

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