Phil_Britt 10/27/2017 | 8:09:36 AM
Re: Good times You're absolutely right about the tax situation, as Warren Buffet has noted. "Tax reform" is a huge misnomer. If mortgage deductoin (to name one) is limited or restricted, "tax reform" will be a tax increase for most.
mendyk 10/26/2017 | 3:30:04 PM
Re: Good times I agree that it's pointless to talk about taxes -- especially when the talk comes from people or entities that have real tax rates that are lower than the people who work at my local supermarket.
brooks7 10/26/2017 | 3:22:10 PM
Re: Good times  


I think you have it right and wrong.

1 - Essentially EVERY small business I talk to runs family expenses through their P&L.   That is tax cheating in another way, because people game systems.  Set up a system and people will game it.  We need to stop talking about it because as far as I can tell every business is somewhere between grey and black on the tax front.  Wait till you see some guy run his landscaping through the P&L because he has a home office. 

2 - If there is a tax code simplification, it has to come with a reduction in prices.  Less Work = Lower Cost = Lower Prices right?





mendyk 10/26/2017 | 2:21:56 PM
Re: Good times If given the choice between keeping the tax rate at 35% with loopholes intact or lowering the rate to 20% and eliminating the loopholes, which option would the whiners take?
KBode 10/26/2017 | 2:11:54 PM
Re: Good times Yes, expecially when the myriad of the tricks already on the books allow them to pay virtually no taxes whatsoever across certain segments. Poor little daisies. 
Austin Idol 10/25/2017 | 10:29:00 AM
Re: Good times arghhhhhhhhh theee should make them walk the plank.........arghhhhhhhh
mendyk 10/25/2017 | 10:03:17 AM
Good times It's always fun to hear rich people -- and the multibillion-dollar corporate entities they represent -- cry poverty. The world is so unfair.
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