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10/25/2017 | 2:39:00 PM
Re: Previous generation?
@Mitch It sounds like you've had a tough time cutting the cord. My experience with streaming content has been a bit different than yours. We only used DVR when we had satellite TV so DVR doesn't bother us...app design and development does.

We use a Roku to watch and have issues with the UI of certain apps. Amazon has a different vision of app functionality than Netflix. The Amazon app is very bad at rewind and pause while the Netflix app is great. Hulu has a weird way of helping viewers choosing a new show. They shuffle every line of shows/movies after you click on something. It's madness trying to get back to where you were because that spot no longer exists. 

Imagine how well Tivo could do if it offered a better interface than all the other set top boxes!

Mitch Wagner
Mitch Wagner,
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10/24/2017 | 1:48:29 PM
Previous generation?
Is the new Hydra software coming to the previous generation Bolt? Do we know when?

We tried cutting the cord six months ago or so and have struggled with it since. I'm pretty much ready to throw in the towel. Two problems: (1) It's hard getting the HD signal for OTA TV just right and I miss a lot of shows. (2) I'm a former TiVo fanboy who stopped using TiVo for a few years when Cox gave us a cheap HD DRV. And now that we're back in the TiVo universe, well, I've been very disappointed with the latest TiVo UI. It's cluttered and what's worse is the controls work inconsistently inside apps. For example, rewinding inside the Netflix app is different from inside the Amazon app, for example. And even after six months, my thumb still mashes the TiVo button when I want to hit Select. 

Next step for me will be calling Cox to get a TV card to put in the TiVo, which will solve problem #1. However, I'm told those are fussy to install so I'm not looking forward to it. 

My advice to anybody cutting the cord is: Don't, unless saving money is of primary importance to you, and you enjoy the puttering to get everything just right (which some DIYers will do and that's fine). 

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