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10/24/2017 | 6:31:23 PM
Cracking the whip
NG-PON2 ONT transceivers remain a technological challenge. G.989.2 specs are difficult to meet. They're even harder to meet at low cost, in volume, with consistent quality, within MSA package thermal budgets. There are a number of transmitter architectures, with different trade-offs in all these spaces, and the industry hasn't yet picked the winner.

The common sentiment is that the only way to meet the specs and all of the competing goals is with photonic integration. The problem is that such a device requires a lot up-front investment. A few companies have that technology, and there is apparently some activity going on.

In the meantime, every existing NG-PON2 ONTs was built with sample parts. I don't expect to see production parts in 2017. Fully qualified and in high volume production will be further out.  The PIC-based parts are going to be something like a year further out than that.

Then there's the question of margins. Operator pricing pressure for GPON OLTs trickled down to the vendors who invested most heavily in GPON component technology. They are reported to not even have recovered their R&D investment. Suffice to say that none of the early GPON SFP/SFF vendors are early NG-PON2 vendors.

Draw your own conclusions.


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10/24/2017 | 11:36:12 AM

I think wrangling over price might be a bit of a problem.  I expect the SPs to want $100 per ONT.



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