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Joe Stanganelli
Joe Stanganelli,
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10/25/2017 | 9:50:32 AM
Re: T-1 SPs and being at the edge
@brooks: Reminds me of all the telcos dickering around with ISDN in the 90s...only to see that far-from-perfect technology become quickly irrelevant by the cable providers making their pipes work both ways for the broadband business.

Sometimes, failing pays off if you can quickly learn from it and pivot. Other times, it pays to watch others fail -- and learn from their mistakes.
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10/25/2017 | 9:41:56 AM
Re: Apples all around
I'd have to figure the numbers. The declines could certainly be worse, but given how badly Verizon's doing in the OTT space after spending so much money, any losses in the traditional TV business are bad news. 
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10/24/2017 | 3:42:28 PM
Apples all around
Mari -- How does Verizon's video subscriber loss compare with other providers in terms of percentages?
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10/24/2017 | 11:30:16 AM
T-1 SPs and being at the edge


I can't expect these large SPs to be innovative at the very cutting edge.  They have huge sections of their organizations that are tasked to build, manage, scale and sell highly reliable networks.  This notion that an organization built on stability can have a this nimble dance is just silly.  If they want that, then they need to contain it in a subsidiary that has a business plan that gets funded like a startup.  

Think about they way they make decisions.  SPs don't talk about IF projects have a positive ROI.  They talk about WHEN they will have a positive ROI.  The only way to be leading edge is to be willing to fail.  They dabble in these services and give them no chance to win.  The last big bet like this that I am aware of was FiOS.  

The other question I have is for us.  Do you want your Service Providers at the cutting edge of technology that might fail.  Before you say yes, I want to point to the Google Model.  They try all kinds of things and turn them off if it doesn't work.  SPs try very hard not to do this.  Google does not (well maybe that is Alphabet now).  




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10/24/2017 | 2:04:03 AM
Lee Hicks
They had Lee Hicks to save the day, what could have gone wrong?
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10/23/2017 | 4:32:04 PM
i've now spent 20 years of my adult life watching and writing about Verizon, and they have NEVER been good at original services or disruption. From VCast to Go90, I don't see that magically changing anytime soon. 

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