Joe Stanganelli 10/22/2017 | 10:24:22 AM
Re: It's the right question... @Chief: And even with open-standards orgs, those silos perpetuate as battle lines get drawn and carriers participate in their preferred ones while avoiding the ones of their primary rivals -- preventing true standardization.

I'm with Ray. The debate will be loud and long for these very reasons. And we'll continue to see different definitions, different "standards", and so on. It's like that XKCD comic about standards.
ShoshanaS 10/22/2017 | 12:15:50 AM
Re: It's the right question... Oh yep. Stuck on the unhipness of the terminology.
[email protected] 10/18/2017 | 8:36:08 AM
Re: It's the right question... I suspect that SOME of the lack of reference to OSS may be a desire not to use what is sometimes deemed to be a 'legacy reference' but iot's clear also, for example, that specific calls to get network operations and OSS people involved in the conversation means there's a realization that folks with domian knowledge in that area are essential to any implementation of automated processes.

The debate will be loud and long! :-)
ChiefMar76368 10/18/2017 | 6:45:59 AM
It's the right question... It was clear from the SDN event in The Hague last week that there's a lot of talking-at-cross-purposes going in in relation to "automation" right now. There's a danger that the industry conversations stay within their traditional silos however. The lack of much reference to OSS in The Hague suggests as much - so LightReading's London event (and focus) is very timely and welcome. 
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