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ksirupa 7/2/2018 | 8:31:36 PM
Friendly Formatting Tip Hi LR Editors,

It looks you've taken a screenshot of a word file with the speaker's picture and their name in text box. Hence, you see the distracting red underlines.

Two alternative solutions:

1. If you are using Word, before taking a screenshot, disable spell checker or run the spell checker and ignore all errors.

2. If you are using powerpoint, display the slide in "presentation mode" and then take the screenshot.

Please ignore if I am stating the obvious.



microcaptechinvestor 10/9/2017 | 11:47:22 AM
RADCOM wins new pure NFV service assurance deal That is now two top tier customers, AT&T and likely Verizon. David Amzallag now a strategic advisor to RADCOM, and I'd expect Vodafone to eventually become a customer.

This is an example of true cloud-native NFV software from a disruptive vendor, still not getting a lot of love from the rest of the noise saying NFV is dead.

microcaptechinvestor 10/5/2017 | 7:00:42 PM
Re: Paid content? Thank you for the reply Ray. I'm glad to hear LR is a good source for unbiased research and commentary.
[email protected] 10/3/2017 | 3:45:47 AM
Re: Paid content? "Are we to understand that "Featured Content Specials" are paid for by the vendors discussed in the article, in this case NETSCOUT?"

No. This is just a longer form article, more of a 'feature' than news. 

Whenever an article carries the byline of a Light Reading editor, then it is an independent article that is not influenced by any sponsors or business relationships and is not vetted, approved or influenced by any third party. 


Ray Le Maistre 

International Group Editor, Light Reading
microcaptechinvestor 9/29/2017 | 7:32:55 PM
Paid content? Carol, I see this article is filed under "Featured Content Special" under the list of your articles. Most other columns appear to be "News Analysis." Are we to understand that "Featured Content Specials" are paid for by the vendors discussed in the article, in this case NETSCOUT?

Please kindly advise, thanks.
gagnonra 9/26/2017 | 11:01:21 AM
Re: Other Factors This is from a LR webinar I did back in 2015.

James_B_Crawshaw 9/26/2017 | 10:02:37 AM
Re: Other Factors Interesting stuff. Google fails me; what is the COMPA model?
gagnonra 9/20/2017 | 11:33:21 AM
Other Factors Good preliminary view. Unfortunately detailed vendor engagement with many of these, have revealed a lot more hype than capability. Lessons learned form early trials indicate that this space is very challenging for COTS type offerings, with substantial customer adaptation required.

A key component to hybrid orchestration in the COMPA model, has turned out to be a lack of reliable inventory information exposing the underlying topology. Siled inventory remains a problem most operators have not invested in solving. Recent work in the MEF, on TAPI and topology engine concepts is promising. The concept of the network as an inventory (from years back), is now becoming more viable with the virtualization of the network, and the advanced integration capabilities in teh virtualized network functions are enabling technology.

Policy is perhaps the largest issue to solve for Closed Loop Assurance. No standard way to encapsulate and expose rules is a barrier to interoperability between responsibility domains, and any master orchestrator trying to implement closed loop network actions. 
ChiefMar76368 9/20/2017 | 4:57:06 AM
AI the key The central challenge hinted at in this article is not specific to the service assurance domain: it's the challenge of determining what action to take. More specifically, what (of all the options) is the optimum action to take. That's as true in a SA loop as a service fulfilment one as a planning one - so credit to Carol for highlighting the linkages here. The use of AI within the loop of network and service design is an industry game changer. Disclosure: Aria Networks was a participant in the MWC closed loop demosntration that Vodafone mention here. 
microcaptechinvestor 9/16/2017 | 11:10:59 AM
Re: Vendor roll call Interesting point. I will note, however, RDCM expanded their agreement with Amdocs and AT&T twice so far, presumably for additional functionalities. You can hear COO Eyal Harari discuss this at his June 2017 Stifel presentation. According to RDCM site, it has numerous products/functionalities on top of it's vProbes. Once RDCM wins another top-tier customer, people should notice. It's the only pure-play NFV public company out there today.
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