brooks7 9/12/2017 | 11:57:56 AM
Re: Activists gather,,,,  

I think one should watch the film "Other People's Money" with Danny Devito.  It came out about the same time as "Wall Street" but is a comedy about a corporate raider.    I think the thing that always resonates for me is a speech here:


People should scrutinize themselves along this line.




Duh! 9/12/2017 | 11:45:00 AM
Re: Activists gather,,,, Wolves are noble predators, highly social, and the ancestors of domestic dogs. Very unfair to compare them with corporate raiders.

For that matter, comparison to vultures, hyenas, dingos, and piranhas does disservice to those species. At least they all have productive roles in their respective ecosystems.

Zombie army sounds about right.
[email protected] 9/11/2017 | 11:42:05 AM
Activists gather,,,, The so-called 'activist investor' brigade has spotted an opportunity and has descended on BroadSoft....

TheStreet calles them the 'Wolf Pack' -- but is that the most appropriate animal kingdom metaphor?  


Wolf Pack Descends on BroadSoft




Phil_Britt 9/3/2017 | 9:22:12 PM
Re: Why the rush for the exit? The best time to sell is when the stock price is high. That's what made Mark Cuban a billionaire. If he had waited another six months before cashing in, he would have been caught in the dotcom bust like so many others were.
James_B_Crawshaw 8/31/2017 | 6:01:04 PM
Why the rush for the exit? If this market is so healthy, as the share price charts of RingCentral and Broadsoft suggest, why are the boards of all these companies suddenly looking for someone to acquire them?

In terms of potential acquirers it is interesting to note a couple of different analysts mentioning Oracle.