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8/31/2017 | 10:58:38 PM
Re: Concerned
I feel much the same way. People who know things know that this kind of data sharing is anything but private.
8/30/2017 | 8:01:47 AM
What I'm concerned about is the increasing call for me to "anonymously" share my data with security firms so they can better provide security: that is, to paradoxically give up security so I can get more of it.
8/29/2017 | 5:33:25 PM
Re: Up and to the right
@Joe: I think any bet on security, right now, is a solid one. 
Joe Stanganelli
Joe Stanganelli
8/29/2017 | 2:02:29 PM
Up and to the right
You're going to see differing numbers among research firms/analyst firms all the time with things like this -- partly as a matter of branding (if they all agreed, then their research and analyses would be but commodities), and partly because none of them know what they're talking about! (LINK: My take for a sister site on IoT trends and spending)

Oh, well. In any case, it's going up and to the right. Thank you, Edward Snowden, amirite?

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