Ariella 8/9/2017 | 2:52:59 PM
security <One reason for that, Bell said, is that it's sometimes unclear who should take responsibility -- the manufacturer of the embedded devices or the IT department deploying these devices.> Indeed, that could make each side say it was the other guy's fault! We do need cooperation from all involved.
Scott_Ferguson 8/9/2017 | 3:24:52 PM
Re: security @Ariella: That's a very good point and one that we spoke about yesterday when I was preparing the article. Mike told me that when it comes down it, the company that sells the service is the one that is responsible and the company that makes the device is not to blame for lack security on that end.
Phil_Britt 8/9/2017 | 7:30:51 PM
Hard to Recruit or Hard to Pay While I don't dispute that people with these skills are not in large supply, sometimes employers complain about lack of people when the real issue is lack of compensation. For example, in Milwaukee about 5-6 years ago, employers were complaining about a lack of welders. But they were paying only $9 an hour and expected welders to bring their own tools (which aren't cheap).
[email protected] 8/10/2017 | 9:02:37 PM
Re: Hard to Recruit or Hard to Pay True these jobs tend to command high wages that many employers may not have the budget for, however they should think creatively about alternative work solutions such as remote employees and telecommuting. They might reap employees with the skills they need at a lower wage because of the better work life balance.
kq4ym 8/26/2017 | 12:04:10 PM
Re: Hard to Recruit or Hard to Pay Yes, that does seem to be a conflict that's hidden in the studies, surveys, and PR put out by a lot of employers. Getting prospective employees to sign on with lower pay and benefits can be not so easy, while jjustifying their lack of success in hiring by noting that getting "employees with deep knowledge of big data, analytics and security," is hard.
Phil_Britt 8/28/2017 | 9:35:10 AM
Re: Hard to Recruit or Hard to Pay Remote working doesn't work for some of these jobs becausea person has to physically be there to perform a weld or to handle similar work. And while flex hours and similar perks are nice for workers to a point, there comes a time that wages (and benefits) need to be improved to attract the skills one wants and to draw younger people into the schools offering these programs. 
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