vogukowo 5/11/2018 | 7:48:04 AM
Re: Maturity Here I read an article that is about the Comcast that joins ONAP and here a writer write about it in detail that is written in so easy language. There are so many essayroo writing service review written that are about the topic.
abbasabidi 8/3/2017 | 2:50:36 PM
List of VNFs onboarded Is there a list of VNFs that AT&T has onboarded to date using ICE?
clarkede 8/3/2017 | 1:12:37 PM
Re: Maturity The CableLabs team has been following ONAP from the outset. ONAP discussion forums are open so we didn't need to formally "join" to participate. OSM is also an open community and free to join, but ETSI IPR rules require formal-sign-up to participate in discussions. It was a coincidence that CableLabs and Verizon signed-up to OSM in the same week in May. Our motivation to engage OSM and ONAP is to encourage open source communities to reference the ETSI NFV foundation specifications to maximize prospects for interoperability. It is also vitally important that these communities take into account the need for security by design. An area where the ETSI NFV Security WG has been focused since 2012. I see OSM and ONAP as complementary, as is OPNFV.
James_B_Crawshaw 8/1/2017 | 4:47:13 PM
Re: Maturity CableLabs architects Don Clarke and Tetsuya Nakamura have been very active in NFV. Don was one of the main authors of the original NFV white paper by ETSI in 2012 when he was still at BT. CableLabs is also a member of ETSI's Open Source MANO project. I doubt Comcast will join that one though. 
Duh! 8/1/2017 | 12:55:14 PM
Maturity Notable. I don't remember another instance when Comcast(or the cable industry as a whole) embraced a technology initiative driven by telcos. They always wanted to go their own way, for reasons that never quite seemed to add up. Here we see pragmatism trumping (sic) pride. A win for Comcast and for the broader industry.
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