kq4ym 8/14/2017 | 6:05:57 PM
Re: Regulation and innovation I'd be a bit skeptical that the consumer may benefit with the tech changes. The company can certainly  save money.  While it sounds great that insurance companies may become "wholly digitally and in some cases can resolve claims in less than three minutes," one might be a bit careful in just how the customer might come out after an auto crash and the company offers to settle in a few minutes. 
Michelle 7/31/2017 | 5:53:21 PM
Re: Regulation and innovation @Maryam So true! All I can think about is cost-savings as it's passed down to the consumer. It's nice to see old industries modernize like this.
Mitch Wagner 7/31/2017 | 1:37:12 PM
Re: adaptation Well, at least they're recognizing that Uber and Lyft exist. Heh. 
JohnMason 7/31/2017 | 1:46:52 AM
adaptation My insurance company adapted to meet the changes represented by Uber and Lyft, too. The company basically said, you're not covered if you use your car for Uber or Lyft.
[email protected] 7/28/2017 | 1:53:47 PM
Regulation and innovation Since Insurance is so heavily regulated it forces it to left behind with many technology innovations. It is refreshing to see Insurance companies taking advantage of the cloud possibilities to increase their efficiency and hopefully lower costs long term.
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