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7/28/2017 | 2:48:29 PM
Re: Here we go again
AT&T and Verizon have launched LTE-M. Bell Canada is launching next year. Based on the LTE-M task force list I'd guess a few more have launched or will launch too. 







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7/27/2017 | 6:31:49 PM
Here we go again
Mr Anti-NBIOT strikes back! Please get closer to non-American sources. NB-IOT has been endorsed by the chinese government as THE standard, meaning all three telcos are deploying country wide networks as we speak. The eco-system driven by China alone will swamp anything from the US or Europe. Add to this Vodafone roll-outs across multiple regions and utilities already committing to NB-IOT world-wide, despite the short-term available options on the market (ie the unsecure ones).


Also, please speak directly with Eriscsson and Huawei about this blatant mis-information you keep trawling up about the interoperability issue. The latest chipsets from Nuel have been fully tested and past IODC on EVERY major communicatoins vendor. I know for a fact of modules working on both vendor equipment now. China Unicomm/Telecom have a mix of RAN and core from both vendors....do you really think they could roll out a national network if there was interoperability issues? Please do some more research to save your credibility.


Where is the huge device eco-system for LTE-M? Im yet to see a decent production device. NB-IOT utility meters are being mass manufcatured right now.

I count this as your 5th article trying to deride NB-IOT for some reason. Would love to know whats really driving this common theme.


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7/27/2017 | 3:21:34 PM
Huh? How?
How can Cat M (1-Mbits) go down to the kbits level of NB-IoT?

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