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7/26/2017 | 10:23:10 AM
Charter invests in Kristin Dolan’s 605 for advanced advertising
Late to the party again? Cable still doesn't get it. You have to put customer experience first. Millennials and cord cutters are more likely to buy in if they are rewarded by lower subscriber rates. Search and social media understands how to trade services for behavioral data, cable doesn't! 

Cable's missed revenue opportunities from targeted ads are astronomical. I along with others have well documented it in publications over the past twenty years. 

Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter have all used a form of artificial intelligence influenced targeted ads to create market values that now exceed cable. They found a niche that cable missed. Cable lost control of content cost by raising rates with impunity to a tipping point. While social media and search are controlled by ad dollar, much like the early days of broadcast TV. 

Google search and YouTube have developed a targeted ad based model with over a billion hours of content watched daily. 

Cable TV's target marketing ad ventures are fundamentally flawed. They focus on demographics, and fail to identify the individual behavioral current and future household interests. All voluntary given to social media for the benefits of "free" services. 

Have to make the connection between the social media and MSO subscriber records and communicating behavioral marketing - business advertising, discounts, specific videos/groups, family albums – providing subscriber awareness of TV programming -- movies, products, etc. similar to Amazon and Groupon. This would make subscriber stickier and substantially reduce turnover. 

Millennial consumers are the largest generational group to be widely targeted by marketers, and for good reason. They shop quite differently than older age groups, and online retailers must learn to relate to them in order to capture their loyalty. 

But again, cable has a reputation of not rewarding loyalty.

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