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7/5/2017 | 3:27:43 PM
Embedded cloud
http://www.lightreading.com/nfv/nfv-elements/adva-stuffs-a-cloud-into-verizons-ucpe/d/d-id/732854 So did the open stack, embedded cloud, 'thin client', uCPE, come from Adva, Verizon, or from MRV? MRV has stated that they had vCPE engagements about to be deployed by several tier 1s. MRV needed to link it's open stack based Pro-Vision software to the services layer, thus provided by Ensemble. Am I reading this wrong? Otherwise said article reads like a 'good samaritan' removing an unwanted optical competitor from a deluged market. MRV has 21+ million in cash, no debt, and was about to turn profitable. North American patents on its highly energy efficient OptiDrivers, modular chassis backplane layout, for pluggable coherent optics in dense urban environments and strong expertise in open source development. As a small shareholder I am not happy with the deal, getting cashed out, but I was looking for some linkage to the services modeling layer. Both services modeling and effective low latency resource allocation are going to be required to deliver virtualized services. Is this the potential mechanism? Ensemble and Pro-vision?

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