danielcawrey 6/27/2017 | 3:32:50 PM
ERP For big companies, Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, is a big component to making all the gears move. SAP and Oracle seemed to be locked in as major rivals in the ERP space, and I find it interesting they defined these products as cloud because the servers are on-premise. 

However, when it comes to organizations like banks, on-premise is the only way to go. 
Scott_Ferguson 6/27/2017 | 5:06:31 PM
Re: ERP @danielcawrey: And Oracle has really doubled down on ERP, especially in the cloud. It seems what BoA wanted out of the deal was some type of hybrid solution, but Oracle manages the heavy lifting. 
Joe Stanganelli 6/29/2017 | 12:04:44 PM
Re: ERP > SAP and Oracle seemed to be locked in as major rivals

Sounds like poetic irony, no? ;)
JohnMason 6/30/2017 | 4:30:19 PM
Says it all This says it all: "We anticipate 80 percent of our technology workloads will be delivered on the cloud within the next few years." Maybe sooner!
kq4ym 7/6/2017 | 11:31:37 AM
Re: Says it all It will be interesting to watch IBM and Oracle as they not only battle one another but to see if they will try to play catch up with Google and Microsoft or play for a more niche role in the cloud service arena.
JohnMason 7/7/2017 | 3:29:48 AM
Re: Says it all Maybe Microsoft could buy IBM to thank it for helping MS so much in its early days.
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