kq4ym 6/8/2017 | 8:08:30 AM
Re: Propagation  "Questions, however, are still bubbling about the range, propagation and installation," and that's some big questions. How to get the costs to be lower than cable with more capability and gambling future costs will still pencil out. With that cited range of "up to" 3 miles in line of sight applications, one would have to presume that's a best case scenario, and most locations aren't going to be that situation especially in congested area with lots of stuff blocking that high frequency radio signal.
DanJones 5/25/2017 | 10:45:13 AM
Re: Propagation There's plenty of articles about how wonderful 5G will be in the national papers and magazines if that's what you want to read. Me? Yeah sure, I was writing about HSPA+ *wasn't* 4G, how lame WAP was, and the backhaul issues around Sprint's WiMax rollout for instance. No doubt, mmWave 5G will happen, but I'm surely going to write about tpotential issues and bumps in the road along the way.
Austin Idol 5/25/2017 | 9:32:48 AM
Re: Propagation People like you wrote the same junk about  3G, HSPA, HSPA +, and LTE. While the industry plows ahead you keep writing and let the big boys worry about things and kick some tail.
Gabriel Brown 5/24/2017 | 3:23:40 AM
Re: Propagation That's the general idea: throw lots of antennas, spectrum, and software at it. To address NLOS (and later mobility) in this way is very alluring. Some RF engineers refer to mmWave as a Haley's Comet momment -- a once in a lifetime opportunity.
DanJones 5/23/2017 | 4:11:42 PM
Re: Propagation When does McAdam not sound confident about things? 
Duh! 5/23/2017 | 3:46:51 PM
Propagation Lowell McAdam sounded pretty confident about it yesterday at the J.P. Morgan TMT Conference.  Apparently, you can throw enough MIMO antennas and software at the line-of-sight problem to make it manageable.  He says that they're seeing 1 Gbps at reach better than 1000 ft. The naysayers are locked into design principles from the 2000's, and some of the technology didn't exist 5 years ago.

He also hinted that he wants to build out small towns using mm wave.
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