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Ming-Hung Liu
Ming-Hung Liu,
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6/28/2017 | 4:23:31 AM
uCPE is achievable
Since from more than 10yrs ago, lots of senior prophets dreamed of if there's a generic CPE platform to support the EPON/GPON through a pluggable PON TRx. Yet, there's without anyPON processor can support this platform. So, there're lots of strange PON stick solutions and specific EPON or GPON CPE during these 10 yrs.

But now, you can find lots of PON chip support GbE/EPON/GPON through SGMII interface. You can even find the ready xDSL/G.fast SFP solution in market as pioneer SwissCom adopt for their StarGate platform.

It means this anyPHY uCPE may come with this flexible SFP today. If all operators are still willingly kidnapped by system or CPE vendor using specific SoC box, it's no matter why they can only keep on replacing their CPE again and again to pursue any new technology. Then, we can find uCPE will still be a fantasy on paper!!
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5/16/2017 | 12:53:05 PM
Network equipment
To clarify: AT&T's OCP contrributions to date have been network-side equipment: (x)PON Optical Line Terminations (OLT) and G.fast Distribution Point Units (DPU). It's going to be interesting to see how open uCPE plays out with respect to access, particularly whether PON- and G.fast- line-side interfaces will be integrated with the uCPE or remain is single-purpose ONT or NT-1 boxes, whether line-side functions will be modular.

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