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5/23/2017 | 1:53:50 PM
Re: Promising...
I was curious about the remark that "an 8T8R antenna using 600 MHz spectrum would be impractically huge." Yes, of course it would be larger, but "impractivally huge" I'm not so sure about. There's always tradeoffs going up the frequency even though smaller antennas are need the higher you go.
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5/18/2017 | 7:30:23 PM
Re: Promising...
They could start with "overkill," but if the revenues don't pan out, the New Orleans market may be one of only a few with this kind of service. Case in point: At one time Verizon had tremendous expansion plans for FIOS, but not so much any more.
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5/15/2017 | 7:54:25 AM
Certainly looks promising. That said, I'd still be very happy if the 8-10 Mbps LTE connection I have right now was simply a bit cheaper. I barely use that connectivity while traveling; can't imagine anybody needing more than 25-50 Mbps while on the road. Still, overkill is fun, I suppose. :)

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