kq4ym 5/17/2017 | 12:43:17 PM
Re: Time to work together... Yes, it would seem that lacking the woman in cable and the lack of content discussions may have been the elephant in the rooms? It's really hard to believe they couldn't get anyone but men to speak at the event.
KBode 5/8/2017 | 4:34:21 PM
Re: Well said! "We've had over 60 women speak at our events and over 1,000 attend them."

Yeah I was going to say, it's not THAT hard to find women to show up at your event if you're honestly and candidly interested in fielding something vaguely resemling diversity. I think the cable and telco culture is already pretty insular and stocked with yes men; it's inexcusable they're still behind the curve when it comes to female representation.
danielcawrey 5/7/2017 | 12:27:51 PM
Re: Time to work together... It sounds like this event was heavily on technology - is that normal? I would think there would be some talk about content as well. The tech is important, but the stuff being put through the pipes has a place too...
TeleWRTRLiz 5/5/2017 | 10:57:49 AM
Time to work together... Great article Mari. It's disappointing that the Women in Cable group didn't have a visible presence there -- they seem to be a pretty large and active group that holds their own separate breakfasts and dinners or afternoon sessions. Thinking about this more, maybe separating women into their own pre and post events is impacting their presence in the larger events?! Since there are so many powerful and active women groups, maybe the next step should be working closely with women in tech groups to integrate their topics and speakers into the larger event agenda. It's definitely something I'm going to look into in my own job here at LR.
Sarah Thomas 5/5/2017 | 10:20:17 AM
Well said! Thank you for writing this blog, Mari! It's an important call out on the lack of women and a problem we see all too often at trade shows. We've had over 60 women speak at our events and over 1,000 attend them. These are all women who have day jobs too and are more than qualified to speak on topics related to cable and comms. In fact, I think publishing a list of them makes sense to help with the fact that event organizers "can't find female speakers." Stay tuned...
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