MOR3HAWK3 9/20/2017 | 12:57:15 AM
NYC Spectrum strike Big reason charter spectrum is loosing so many subscribers is due to lack of quality work force in NYC 6 month strike has been going on. So far spectrum in time warner legacy footprint has been loosing voip internet and video subscriptions. Tom Rutdlege needs to bring back local 3 work force to improve NYC aging inferstructure. Not to mention attorney general eric schneiderman law suites for fraudulent speed.
kq4ym 5/13/2017 | 2:25:25 PM
Re: Bilking Spectrum Customers The flight from the costs and complaints about cable seem to be with us for a bit more and as noted "Charter is blaming its loss of 100,000 video subscribers in the quarter on increased churn among legacy Time Warner Cable customers," while keeping folks satisfied with service is sometimes easier said than done, while customers vote with not only their feet, moving on to another less expensice service or just dropping it all.
Jim_Jackson 5/2/2017 | 2:07:51 PM
Bilking Spectrum Customers I'm not sure how you can write about them losing customers without at least some discussion of how they were treating those customers.  It's all over the web.
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