kq4ym 3/31/2017 | 8:40:15 AM
Re: Proprietary Interesting how the advice comes to be that SAS "suggests a mix of 40% open source and 60% proprietary software," where presumably open souce would be proportionately more risky or even outright dangerous if one went too far on that route. Seems to be a little biased advice unless there's some real studies indicating a real world implementation.
JohnMason 3/30/2017 | 12:07:20 AM
Growth It sounds as if the survey is saying open source should grow from about 32% now (as the proportion of open source to proprietary software) to 40% in the near future, the "ideal" percentage.
Mitch Wagner 3/27/2017 | 8:55:06 PM
Re: Proprietary And consider the separate risks and benefits of both the closed and open software models. 
danielcawrey 3/27/2017 | 2:30:30 PM
Proprietary Maybe if this came from an independent resource I might consider its implications, but yes SAS sells closed software. 

Look, proprietary and open source both have pros and cons to them. I think organizations have to decide what works for them, not adhere to a ratio SAS provides.