ak22 3/28/2017 | 6:22:58 PM
Re: Trucks Google's platform is certainly up there with the likes of Amazon, Microsoft and IBM. Maybe rocket sleds are what it'll take to set one apart from its competition. ;)
kq4ym 3/28/2017 | 9:34:42 AM
Re: Trucks With 86% or so of Google income still coming from adverstising one might wonder if they will actually be able to break any past trends in revenue sources. Going against Amazon might be a mighty challenge indeed to capture some cloud business even if they come up with rocket sleds instead of trucks?
Mitch Wagner 3/23/2017 | 11:17:55 PM
Re: Trucks Maybe rocket sleds?
JohnMason 3/23/2017 | 9:12:54 PM
Trucks I love it when the special report compares Google and Amazon by showing how Amazon has actual trucks that Amazon sends out to pick up huge amounts of data. What an innovative idea to move data too big to easily travel via copper or fiber in a short amount of time. Google is too big and smart not to come up with a similar or even better solution.