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mendyk 3/23/2017 | 10:57:43 AM
Re: "Journalism" You don't need to insult people to make whatever point it is you are trying to make. In fact, your insults detract from your credibility on this site. And probably elsewhere.
Austin Idol 3/23/2017 | 4:26:58 AM
Re: "Journalism" It is not up to a anyone's standards. 5 - 10 minutes of research would have answered the question you proposed.

In the 39ghz band average of 354 mhz in top 50 markets. 50/50 Markets Covered.

In the 24ghz band average of 237 mhz in top 50 markets. 48/50 Markets Covered.

DanJones 3/22/2017 | 10:34:41 PM
Re: "Journalism" No mention of Straight Path, Mr. Green? You're slipping...
DanJones 3/22/2017 | 10:33:27 PM
Re: "Journalism" No mention from the FCC of 98% coverage till now. I thought that was worth a short story. Sorry it wasn't up to your standards.
Austin Idol 3/22/2017 | 9:46:46 PM
Re: "Journalism" No kidding. A 5-10 minute google search would tell you they have 300-500 MHz of 39ghz spectrum in all top 50 markets. All these blogger reporters do is regurgitate. He is literally rehashing what was known a month ago.
Mr Green 3/22/2017 | 9:26:28 PM
"Journalism" Pick up the phone and call someone who knows the answer if you dont.  Industry is laughing at your ignorance on all things 5G.
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