Gabriel Brown 3/10/2017 | 7:53:51 AM
Re: Who will gain the most? Assuming there's enough clarity on what the radio should do and how it should work, an accelerated timetable gives chipset makers an earlier start. This benefits everyone because mass market adoption will be driven by device, and therefore modem, availability. 
[email protected] 3/10/2017 | 6:29:03 AM
Who will gain the most? Which companies stand to gain the most from this? The components firms will be able to get standards-based products to market earlier and in general this will benefit the vendor community.

But if there is a schism in 5G developments and the 5G core drops behind due to a lack of resources (mostly human) to be able to keep everything on track as well as accelerate NR, then there's the chance this could backfire and actually lead to delays. That's been the concern of those not so much in favor of this fast-tracking.

Let's hope it all works out well, of course...