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sunbybay73 3/9/2017 | 1:37:25 PM
Re: Way to go Jio, next stop - 200 Mn Subs @maverick_amit interesting that you have good proase for JIO but have not shifted to JIO. May be you have dubts. 

Vodafone/Bharti/Idea were there during RCom days and they are going to be there after JIO. I am pretty happy with my operator 4G services and it works seemlesly and dont have any problem for international roaming. 
maverick_amit 3/9/2017 | 6:52:58 AM
Way to go Jio, next stop - 200 Mn Subs An interesting innovation is on the Jio App Platform which I have been using to access LiveTV/Cinema/Chat. Multiple Apps on a single platform on the same mobile network - now thats a first and all Apps work seamlessly. I dont bother with how much bandwidth I am burning. 28Gb in INR 303/- is an amazing pricepoint, for a youngster like me thats what I have been waiting for all these years. I pay more than a 1000 bucks per month for my existing mobile services that too for a 4GB plan without any support of digital-content. Will shift to Jio via MNP to make it my permanant number.

@sunbybay73: what a loser - I can bet you are either a disgruntled vendor or a competitor - I see you have been stalking this post with your multiple random posts which defy logic. Looks like you have a lot of time in your hands, an advice - do something constructive!
techy22 3/9/2017 | 4:00:59 AM
Jio Cheers Its a complete paradigm shift in telecom arena in India & Jio leading the digital revolution like this no-one has imagined. Congratulations !

Other Telco's were charging any price for data with poor quality ,now  forced to reduce data pricing..but can not provide the quality because of legacy network. They are forced to upgrade and reduce prices..no wonder you can hear the crying childs around :)

Very insightful interview . Key points -1.Building the content first....Very true.. Jio apps experience is awesome 2. All IP and readiness for 5G ,no other operator in India has.3. Building the whole ecosystem with ruthless execution...Leading the way ..Cheers .



sunbybay73 3/9/2017 | 3:46:00 AM
Re: Innovation really? You can do blind bhakti of Ambanis, I will be informed user fo technology.  

To criticize does not means hate.

If they are investing in technology, they are not doing any fovor to any Indian, they are doing it for making money and for their own future. Not a single penny will go to improve Indian life. 


linkedin64936 3/9/2017 | 12:27:50 AM
Re: Innovation really? Zero internet was against net neutrality. And you are comparing it to Jio's free internet which is no where near net neutrality. Don't just blindly hate on someone. Also talking about innovation, you are actually talking as if other service providers have done a lot for us. Jio is the first to provide us Indians with VoLTE. You should definitely check out Volte to VoLTE calls to see how much better it is compared to normal calls over 2G. They may not be innovative but they are trying to provide us with the best of today's tech. "To run intellect driven business, you need innovative & thinking mind who are empowered to take risk and make decision." They took the risk by investing thousands of crores and then having the guts to provide us free internet for more than a year. Ambani Jio and baaki sab maro? I think you are the one of the few who were happy to pay Airtel 250/GB. So much hate towards Jio that you can't even think straight. Sad.
DeepLearningGoAI 3/8/2017 | 9:32:28 PM
Hello All Living in the valley, parents in India. Was visiting India during the winter holidays. Excellent experience. Felt like a completely different world.

I have worked with Softbank, Sprint, Airtel, Jio and others in the analytics space. Found folks at Jio quirky and rough but their drive is fascinating.

Because of Jio India just woke up. we need pushers like this in all major sectors of India.

Enjoyed the Interview. good luck to all

Anyone needs correlation of behavioral data based on deep machine learning, ping me up.
sunbybay73 3/8/2017 | 2:50:29 PM
He too is sucking up .... He gives credit to leadership of chairman, even an expact is sucking up to boss...how much like Indian politics.

It clear from his talk, free launch was basically free testing by non suspecting Indian subscribers. Testing network & call center. Also they tested phycology of Indian subscriber, whether they complain about bad service or take it since it is free. 

Other thing it shows narrow vision, unlike true entrepreneur, all they achieved by them self, no credit to employee or vendors.   
vsomanv 3/8/2017 | 2:50:06 PM
Re: Paid review let me exercise my strong disagreement here to this whoever anonymous it is ... :-)

How to bill more ? Come on .. are you in your senses.. Billing hasn't started yet ! Wake up ....
vsomanv 3/8/2017 | 2:47:40 PM
Incredible .......... Definitely giving jitters to competitors It is quite obvious and evident that Jio is thumping its way into this sector ...  Jio has definitely raised the bar in terms of the competition in the Industry and the quality and affordability of the service that they are offering. The key focus has been to relentlessly build significant data capacity and make Mobile Broadband affordable to a Billion+ Indians.. If this is not revolution, then what is ?

We can see that there are evident detractors around, but had it not been for Reliance India would still be a data and bandwidth starved country .... There is only 1 metric to determine Revenue and Innovation in this space, and that is Data Capacity ... 

It's an extremely bold move to go with only E2E All-IP network even for Voice, and that calls for a lot of vision and larger sense of execution.

Kudos to the Jio Team ... 
sunbybay73 3/8/2017 | 2:10:03 PM
Reliance JIO Innovation (INR 64 Cr evasion) http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/companies-a-z/corporate-trends/draft-audit-finds-reliance-jio-underreporting-revenue-by-rs-64-cr/articleshow/57525830.cms
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