microcaptechinvestor 2/16/2017 | 12:41:34 AM
Re: Radcom and Netscout Yes, I agree. Radcom in deep, accelerated discussions (network PoCs in progress) with 4 CSPs for vProbes (9 total, with new CSPs entering the trial queue), presumably Verizon and other major Tier-1s with NO competition. That means, no Netscout. Initial revenue guidance for RADCOM is ~30% growth (doesn't include any step function, transformational deals from the 4 described above), while NETSCOUT is lowering revenue guidance for remainder of year.

RADCOM slots into openECOMP is going along for ride with AMDOCS ECOMP integration deals.

Things looking dirty and hairy for incumbents. Can we please get some coverage of the NFV disruptors, please?
Portfoli88800 2/16/2017 | 12:09:29 AM
Radcom and Netscout Would be interesting to read about your chat with Radcom and Netscout.
brooks7 2/14/2017 | 9:50:15 AM
How about.... Google and Amazon...



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