kq4ym 2/22/2017 | 8:11:33 AM
Re: A Long Wait It seems that the White House may become the next big marketing house and PR machine for those companies lucky enough to get an invite there. Intel's proposed 13,000 new Arizona jobs will certainly help the state, and Intel has not started the PR ball rolling with the D.C. visit of course.
mendyk 2/9/2017 | 5:38:11 PM
Re: A Long Wait So it sounds like this was something that was going to happen all along. I wonder why the theatrical flourish of a visit to the White House was involved.
inkstainedwretch 2/9/2017 | 3:43:46 PM
Re: A Long Wait Intel has traditionally situated roughly half its manufacturing in the US. It complains about its overall tax burden, but it plays states off each other very effectively to negotiate highly favorable state tax rates. 

For the most part, fabs demand a highly-skilled labor force, which would be relatively expensive no matter where the fab is, though I would imagine labor would still be cheaper overseas -- in those relatively few markets where the workforce has the skills required.

There's a national security component to siting fabs too. To compete effectively, the US must be more innovative than its rivals. Given that, how much of our most innovative technology do we want to site overseas?

Sure, kudos to Intel, but Intel isn't in this to be a pollyanna. Grove was a shark. Barrett was a shark. Kzranich is a shark. 

-- Brian Santo
danielcawrey 2/9/2017 | 3:18:20 PM
A Long Wait Kudos for Intel restarting this project. I didn't realize that the company is able to do so much manufacturing here in the US. I guess I just thought it would be cost prohibitive. I can't say I'd rather have the work go overseas given Intel is a well known American firm. 
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