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2/8/2017 | 12:43:11 PM
Re: Google Wireless?
The SAS manages & coordinates operations between the 3 tiers (Incumbent, PAL & GAA).

* Determine available frequencies at a location and assign them to Citizens Broadband Radio Service Devices (CBSD)
* Determine maximum permissible power level for CBSDs at a location
* Register and authenticate CBSDs
* Enforce Exclusion and Protection Zones
* Protect PALs from interference from other CBSD users
* Facilitate coordination between GAAs
* Ensure secure and reliable transmission of information between the SAS, Environmental Sensing Capability (ESC) and CBSDs
* Protect Grandfathered Wireless Broadband Licensees
* Facilitate coordination and information exchange between SASs

Hope this helps!
R Clark
R Clark
2/8/2017 | 10:39:32 AM
Re: Google Wireless?
Oh sure they won't be building a network solo.  It will be with partners. I know they're already involved in several 3.5GHz trials, but I don't know who the other players are.

I am curious about the SAS function. Only Google and Federated Wireless are interested in building a SAS. Does it offer them much value, or is it just simply a spectrum server?

2/7/2017 | 8:12:32 PM
Re: Google Wireless?
Yeah, I've been talking to vendors that expect this will open up the operator market place some. Hence why I coined the term "alt-operator." I'm not 100% convinced yet though, we've been through these breakthrough concepts before -- remember Muni/mesh WiFi? I'll want to see more than talk to believe it.
R Clark
R Clark
2/7/2017 | 8:05:04 PM
Re: Google Wireless?
I've been chatting to a lot of wireless vendors recently who are all extremely interested in this, not just because they can sell more kit but because it breaks down entry barriers. 

If the trials pan out you'd expect Google to become some kind of service provider. But maybe the SAS servers will become such a point of differentiation that Google ends up becoming the enabler for CBRS.
2/7/2017 | 3:26:47 PM
Google Wireless?
So you think Google will actually do this? Deploy a network on 3.5GHz? Seems like a big step from where they are at now?

I wonder if they wouldn't just add 3.5GHz to Project Fi band support and let T-Mobile handle the RAN?


Or something else completely different?

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