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Michelle 1/31/2017 | 10:47:12 PM
Better for work Slack is all grown up now that it's introducing enterprise features. I have read a lot about Slack fatigue. It's great when it's great, but people get tired of interacting on Slack. They're probably just a small number of users so maybe regular folks will join in.
Mitch Wagner 1/31/2017 | 11:12:14 PM
Re: Better for work Folks view Slack as a cure for email overload. But email overload is a function of volume of messages, rather than the user interface. 

When Slack gets as busy as email, it's just as hard to keep up with. 
Michelle 1/31/2017 | 11:15:05 PM
Re: Better for work If I didn't think it were silly, I'd say you just dropped the mic on that one.

So yes, you're right exactly. Typing is super easy so message volume is the real issue -- maybe not so much the platform.
mhhf1ve 2/1/2017 | 2:16:50 PM
Re: Better for work Slack does have advantages over email for organizing documents and messages -- and Slack has integrations that allow apps to connect to it so that some things can be done nearly automatically. Sure, I suppose you could build a way to trigger apps with emails, but it wouldn't have the friendly interface that slack (sorta) has. 

Slack started out, though, as a kind of informal way to message with collaborators.. but now that it's added corporate oversight tools, that informal nature of Slack seems to be long gone. But it's somewhat dangerous in this way because some people might still use Slack with a certain amount of informality -- and not realize that all their work messages are being recorded and owned by their employer and subject to all the same rules as "work email" is (but with out the required footer about unintended recipients of Slack messages)....
wanlord 2/1/2017 | 2:44:45 PM
slack threads Their new thread feature is a mess. It needs to be more like FB groups. 
Michelle 2/2/2017 | 2:31:19 PM
Re: Better for work You make an excellent point about the changing nature of the platform. Hopefully, companies will remind users about content retention policies and whatnot when they upgrade to enterprise slack.
mhhf1ve 2/2/2017 | 3:12:35 PM
Re: Better for work > "when they upgrade to enterprise slack.."

I think this is the fundamental problem with platforms like Facebook for Work and other similar services -- if there's a "consumer" version that isn't enterprise grade, then there's likely to be some confusion for some users over what policies and etiquette rules exist.

I've heard that Facebook designed Facebook for Work completely independently from regular Facebook to try to separate the two systems, but then FBfW loses all the advantages of having a familiar interface or overlapping FB user base.

I don't see Slack having as much of a problem since Slack isn't typically used as a casual friends social network, but it's still a problem for communication platforms to go from startup-casual to formal-ware in a single upgrade.
Michelle 2/4/2017 | 9:25:40 PM
Re: Better for work Facinating. I didn't even know Facebook for Work existed! Is it in beta or something?
mhhf1ve 2/5/2017 | 12:29:28 AM
Re: Better for work Oops. It's called Facebook AT Work (not "for work")... and it looks to be in a kind of beta stage? Even though some companies seem to be paying for it? I haven't used it personally. But it sounded like something that might be good for collaboration projects. Someday. It's been in the works since 2014, apparently. https://www.google.com/amp/s/techcrunch.com/2016/09/27/facebook-for-work/amp/
Michelle 2/6/2017 | 12:24:26 PM
Re: Better for work That's very interesting and I hope my employer doesn't decide to subscribe. We've already got Office 365 and a unified communication system. 
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