kq4ym 2/12/2017 | 12:04:08 PM
Re: Fee is coming Sounds like a good move for both outfits. I've used Roku for years as my primary way to view and the addition of a Roku enabled smart TV even further cemented my affinity for it. I've so far been using it for free broadcasts but once there's lots of competition among others like Comcast, Sling, etc to bring programming it at modest costs, I'm sure there's going to be a market for those services on Roku.
msilbey 2/1/2017 | 12:19:14 PM
Fee is coming There may be no fee in the beta phase, but reports suggest customers will have to pay a fee for access to the app on Roku once it rolls out commercially. That may be a tough pill to swallow. Users get rid of the set-top fee only to see it replaced with an app fee.
Michelle 1/31/2017 | 7:39:58 PM
New status: Add to Roku I didn't see this coming. It's nice to see more services show up on Roku. Xfinity access could be great for Roku.